HESI Proarrhythmia Working Group Collaboration with SPS Ion Channel Working Group

Dear SPS Members,

The HESI Cardiac Safety Proarrhythmia Working Group is embarking on a new initiative to better understand high-throughput automated patch clamp systems. HESI is creating an ‘HTS Subteam’ to further scope and carry-out a pilot study.  Specifically, the goal of the study is to assess variability and reproducibility of high throughput screening platforms/sites for defining drug effects on cardiac ionic currents across and between platforms and sites.

Each participating site is expected to run up to 12 compounds (CiPA test set) on three ionic currents (IKr, ICa, INa, fast).The final protocol will be developed by consensus of the HTS Subteam. It is envisioned that at least one manuscript will be developed detailing results and recommendations following the conclusion of the pilot study.

SPS members interested in more information or who wish to participate on this subteam should answer the questions below and email the answers to Jennifer Pierson 


1. Name:

2. Email:

3. Organization:

 4. Are you a CRO or vendor with at least one HTS Automated Patch Clamp System? (Yes/No)

  4a. If yes, which HTS system(s) would you be interesting in evaluating as part of this study?


5. Are you interested in providing in-kind support for the pilot study? (Yes/No/Possibly)


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