SLC Biomarker Series Continues with Industry Perspective on Biomarkers: October 28

The Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) will hold its next biomarker webinar on Wednesday, October 28 from 11:00 am–12:30 pm ET USA. The webinar, Industry Perspective on Biomarkers, will be presented by Eugene E. Marcantonio, MD, PhD, Associate Vice President, Translational Pharmacology at Merck Research Laboratories (MRL). He will provide an overview of how biomarkers are used in clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the discussion will be focused on fit for purpose biomarkers that have been developed in order to make critical decisions in early drug development. Dr. Marcantonio joined MRL in 2007 and has been involved in the early clinical development of a number of compounds in multiple disease areas and now is the lead for Infectious Diseases and Vaccines as well as for Immunology. 

Registration for this webinar is open to all participating societies in the SLC

The mission of the SLC is “improving the ability of societies to partner with other domestic and international organizations that have objectives consistent with the goal of increasing the impact of the science of toxicology to improve public health” by

  • Strengthening partnerships among scientific- and health-based organizations to increase awareness of the impact of toxicology and related subjects on human health; and
  • Functioning as a means to enhance cooperation among societies as equals with the goal of accomplishing tasks benefitting human health and disease prevention through joint and several shared activities.

For more information on the SLC, please contact Marcia Lawson.

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