Is there a desire or place for "crowd-sourced" analysis tools in safety pharmacology?

Many safety pharmacologists are heavily involved in data analysis using sophisticated tools.  Some of these tools are proprietary or very expensive.  This can limit our ability to share tools and best practice or to add new analysis methods to our studies.  It may also limit the collaboration and 'cross-fertilization' which can occur between pharma companies of different scales and academia.  There are however widely used common tools such as Microsoft Excel and free or low cost tools such as R, OpenBUG or Berkeley-Madonna.  There may also be macros, scripts and programs for these tools already being used in industry or academia.  The question is - if we could facilitate the creation and sharing of these tools would there be real interest and could this be an effort which grew?  Would it increase collaboration with academic groups involved in related fields of research?  Things which come to mind are Excel macros to clean-up or group telemetry data, R statistic scripts to analyze data or perform power calculations, OpenBUG scripts to conduct PK/PD analysis.  Methods to examine heart rate variability and other dynamic data modes could also be added in which ever was the most appropriate tools.  Are you interested?  Can you help get this started?  What tools do you really need?

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