Meeting of Interest! SOT CCT Meeting: Toxicological Concerns in Older Adults, a Neglected Majority

Toxicological Concerns in Older Adults, a Neglected Majority


March 10, 2018, San Antonio, TX

The older adult population is growing faster than the total population in practically all regions of the world—and this difference in growth rates is accelerating. The proportion of older adults is projected to more than double worldwide over the next half century. At the global level, one in every 12 individuals was at least 60 years of age in 1950. By the year 2050, more than one in every five persons is projected to be aged 60 or over. Despite this increase, few issues in toxicological science associated with the aging process have been addressed. Older adults have uniquely increased susceptibilities to pharmaceuticals and environmental toxicants, but remain largely unrecognized as a sensitive or vulnerable population.

Although considerable effort has been spent addressing the biological aspects of aging, including genetics and pharmacology, toxicological effects specific to older populations have been understudied. The primary goal of this CCT meeting is to increase understanding of the changes associated with the aging process and discuss ways in which these changes may influence toxicity outcomes. The discussions will have potential impact on the development of toxicological assessments, the drug development process, and clinical practice.

This meeting will address the following:

  1. Current knowledge of the aging process and risk factors for toxicity in the older adult population;
  2. The most common toxic outcomes in older adults and the physiological systems involved;
  3. Distinct challenges associated with toxicological research and clinical trial efforts relevant to the aging population; and
  4. The need for dialogue between clinicians and toxicologists to enhance information exchange and collaboration.

To see the full agenda, submit an abstract, and register, please go to the conference website.



Early-Bird Registration: February 9

Abstract Submissions: February 9

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