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Dear Colleagues,

The Safety Pharmacology Society is pleased to invite you to a webinar presentation, to be held on April 19, 2018 from 11:00 AM–12:00 PM EDT (GMT-04:00).

Title: A Novel Cardiovascular Waveform Analysis: Extracting More Information From Big Data

Dr. Manasi Nandi, Senior Lecturer in Integrative Pharmacology King's College London

Description: High fidelity cardiovascular data is routinely collected from laboratories conducting drug safety assessment. Radiotelemetry devices, for example, collect 1000 data points per second (1000Hz) but most of this ‘big’ data is typically averaged and time binned to provide discrete measures of blood pressure and heart rate over time. This process of averaging discards most of the collected data, data that has long been known to contain important information about the cardiovascular system. In particular, this high fidelity data has the ability to enable quantification of changes in the shape and variability of the waveform – i.e the nature of cardiac contraction and changes in resistance and compliance of the vasculature. We have invented a new method that is able to take all of the data and replot it using a novel mathematical approach. The method works on any periodic waveform e.g. blood pressure, ECG, respiratory. In so doing, the method is able to provide a quantitative reading pertaining to many aspects of waveform shape and variability. We have shown that the method is able to enhance the sensitivity of detecting subtle changes in the cardiovascular system when compared to routine assessment methods. This method is currently being applied to drug safety data to ascertain whether it could enhance the sensitivity of detecting adverse drug reactions during preclinical development.

Moderator: Will Redfern, PhD, FRSB, FBPhS, DSP, Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

We look forward to your participation.
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