Drug Safety Africa 2018 Conference

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Drug Safety Africa 2018 is a first for Africa.  This conference presents state-of-the-art lectures covering three main topics: safety pharmacology, toxicology and clinical drug safety, and will include contributions from academia as well as industry, with scientists and regulators involved in drug safety testing. The conference will provide a forum for regulators for new developments in drug safety testing.

The conference takes place over three days and talks will cover the main topics of Safety Pharmacology, Toxicology, Clinical Drug Safety and Precision Medicine.

Speakers from Academia include scientists from:

  • The Safety Pharmacology Society | USA
  • MRC Harwell (IMPC) | UK
  • Helmholz Zentrum Mouse Clinic | Germany
  • MRC SHIP | South Africa
  • DST/NWU PCDDP | South Africa
  • Universities:
    - Maastricht University | The Netherlands
    - University of Ghent | Belgium
    - University of Pretoria | South Africa
    - North-West University | South Africa

Speakers from Industry include scientists, regulators and strategists from:

  • Boehringer-Ingelheim AG | Germany
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc | USA
  • Biotrial | France
  • GlaxoSmithKline | USA
  • Jacksons Laboratories | USA
  • Merck | USA
  • Necsa | South Africa
  • Novo Nordisk | Denmark
  • Roche | Switzerland
  • Panarea Partners Inc | USA

Specific topics included in the program:

  • Novel models and future approaches to the evaluation of safety and toxicity of medicines.
  • The effects of medicines on the respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal and renal systems.
  • Safety pharmacology and the drug development process.
  • General toxicology program for first in human trials and toxicology beyond first in human trials.
  • Preclinical models for metabolism and cancer.
  • A pathologist's perspective on target organ toxicity.
  • Biologics' development and immunotoxicology.
  • The safety evaluation and regulation of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Phenotyping the effects of mutations in animal models.
  • Dealing with target organ toxicity in the clinic.
  • Emerging technologies in therapeutic platforms, including precision medicine.

Who should attend:
Any individual in the academic or business environment with an interest in the development of medicines will benefit from this conference, specifically: medicine and drug compound developers; clinical and preclinical trial project managers; regulatory agencies; biomedical and pharmaceutical researchers; geneticists and molecular biologists involved in drug development and therapeutic models; pharmaceutical quality control & assurance managers.  

See the website for registration details:  www.drugsafetyafrica.com

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