Meeting of Interest: Cross-Company Abuse Liability Council (CCALC) “Advancements and Challenges in the Abuse Potential Evaluation” Conference

The Cross-Company Abuse Liability Council (CCALC)* would like to formally invite SPS Members to attend the upcoming “Advancements and Challenges in the Abuse Potential Evaluation” conference. It will be held on October 11-12, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. 

This conference has been organized by the Cross-Company Abuse Liability Council (CCALC) supported by scientific advice from FDA.

The objectives of this meeting will be to discuss the current challenges in preclinical and clinical evaluation of abuse potential of CNS-active drugs, in reference to the 2017 FDA Guidance for Industry on the Assessment of Abuse Potential of Drugs.   Topics of discussion will include the interpretation and translation of preclinical findings, physical dependence evaluations, statistical approaches applied to human abuse potential studies, defining adverse events related to abuse potential (including methods on collecting such data) and exploring cognitive and behavioral factors in the evaluation of abuse potential.  Further information about the meeting, agenda and registration can be found on the website.


*The Cross Company Abuse Liability Council (CCALC), formerly Cross Company Abuse Liability Consortium, was founded in 2006.  The purpose of CCALC is to formulate and communicate scientific perspectives about medication abuse and its mitigation.  The mission of CCALC is to improve public health by advancing the science of assessing abuse liability and potential across the product life cycle to promulgate best practices by working with regulators, academic researchers, and public policy advocates.

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