SPS 2019 Election Ballot Results

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Dear SPS Members,

The SPS 2019 election results have been finalized, and we wish to take a moment to congratulate the following elected individuals, whose terms will begin in January 2019.

Vice President-Elect
Tomas Mow, DVM, PhD, DSP

Susan M. Goody, PhD

Board of Directors
Jill A. Dalton, PhD, DABT, DSP
Annie G. Delaunois, DVM, PhD, DSP
Andrea Greiter-Wilke, DVM, PhD, DSP
Helen Prior, PhD, DSP

Nominating Committee
Matthew M. Abernathy, PhD, DSP
Gail E. Geist, DVM, DSP
Michael A. Hawk, BS, MS, DABT
Hai Huang, MD, PhD

The Society truly appreciates the commitment these individuals have made to serve in this capacity, and we are certain SPS will continue to grow and strengthen under their leadership.

Safety Pharmacology Society Headquarters

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