Safety Pharmacology Society Three-year Strategy 2019-2021

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Dear Colleagues,

Our new 2019-2021 Strategic Plan builds on the foundation and success of our previous three-year strategic plan. While we have kept our main strategic goals the same (Education, Partnerships, and Advancing the Science) we have identified new initiatives that we feel are valuable and important to our membership and field. Our achievements, progress and support of our growing membership means that we can continue to take steps to establish the Society as a proactive leader who provides information, perspective and guidance on issues within the field of safety pharmacology.

Our vision is that the Society will lead the global safety pharmacology community in the development and safe medical use of biologically active molecular entities.

We will achieve this vision by bridging across disciplines to predict, identify, characterize, monitor, and mitigate potentially undesirable pharmacodynamic activities in nonclinical studies and guiding their translation into clinical trials and beyond, to benefit all patients.

We move information from data to knowledge to wisdom 

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What Next?

The volunteer efforts and knowledge base within our Membership is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Society. The implementation of the activities associated with the Strategic Plan is dependent on SPS member volunteers and staff. To facilitate these activities, the Board will make specific recommendations and allocate resources to address the objectives in the plan. As these recommendations are made, the responsible parties will be informed and committees will be aligned, as needed, to carry out the work. 


We thank you for being a SPS member, a group of safety pharmacology leaders providing guidance and answers to critical questions that matter to patients, regulators, and scientists and look forward to seeing the impact of these activities over the next three years. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. 

Krystle Correll 

Executive Director 

Safety Pharmacology Society Headquarters

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