SPS Succession Plan

We were deeply saddened when we learned of Carrie Markgraf’s passing at the beginning of the year. Carrie was a long-standing member of the SPS leadership and was the Program Committee Chair last year for the Barcelona meeting. She will be greatly missed.

As Carrie was the incoming President of the Society for 2020, the board urgently needed to fill this gap in leadership. The current SPS Bylaws do not describe a situation in which an elected member is no longer able to fulfil the duties of the role, and thus provided limited guidance on how to proceed.

To maintain momentum on the important tasks of the President and Vice President, the board has voted on a contingency plan as follows:

  • Vice President Tomas Mow will assume the responsibilities of Carrie Markgraf and will serve as Acting President for 2020 (and Past President in 2021).
  • Vice President-Elect Brian Roche will assume the responsibilities of Tomas Mow and will serve as Acting Vice President for 2020 (and President in 2021).

The open Vice President-Elect position will be filled by re-election. On the ballot will be the three SPS members who in 2019 served as candidates for the Vice President-Elect position in 2020. Leadership will also initiate the process to amend the Bylaws to provide better guidance in the future for situations where individuals, for whatever reason, are no longer able to fulfil the responsibilities for elected Officer positions. 

We hope you will support this course of action and support the leaders in their new roles as much as possible.

On behalf of SPS Board of Directors,

Tomas Mow, DVM, PhD, DSP
SPS President, 2020

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